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Python Ban Bill S 373 Boa Constrictor

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Wish You Were Here By Pink Floyd "All Left Behind" ATTENTION : Reptile Keepers, Pet Owners, Friends, Family, Subscribers, Pink Floyd & Music Fans Everywhere! WE NEED YOUR HELP... PLEASE ! THIS IS REAL PEOPLE AND IT WILL HAPPEN IF WE DO NOT TAKE ACTION! Because of it's Survival Rate, The "Boa Constrictor" is Among the top 5 Species to be Deemed as "injurious animals" to the Ecology & Natural Landscapes of The United States. The "Boa Constrictor" species is also Number 1 in Trade out of all 9 Species. This Ban Will be detrimental to our pets & Trade It Also has a strong possibility to cripple the entire "exotic animal trade"! News Quotes were taken directly from the Testimony of Dan Ashe, Deputy Director US Fish & Wildlife Service, Department of Interior. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE FULL TESTIMONY THAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SERIOUS THIS IS! AND HAS NOTHGING TO DO WITH THE DANGER THESE SPECIES POSE TO HUMANS AND ITS ALL ABOUT THEM BEING "INJURIOUS" TO THE UNITED STATES ECOLOGY And NATURAL LANDSCAPES ALREADY IN PLACE" read his full testimony in this link. epw.senate.gov The "American Alligator Was On The Verge of Extinction It Took Over 2 Decades & Billions of Dollars to Bring it off The Endangered Species list! This Will Effect Ecosystems All Over The US Especially when you consider Birds of Migration NOT Returning to their Northern states to Nest and Lay Eggs. WAKE UP! It has nothing to do with The minimal "Voluntary Death" by these species. The "Lacey Act" In Which These ...

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