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Videos (test) » Ormar - Snokar» Grass snakes mating, Ringelnattern bei der Paarung

Grass snakes mating, Ringelnattern bei der Paarung

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The grass snake (Natrix natrix), sometimes called the ringed snake or water snake is a European nonvenomous snake. It is often found near water and feeds almost exclusively on amphibians. The name natrix is probably derived from the Latin nare or natare "to swim". The grass snake is typically dark green or brown in colour with a characteristic yellow collar behind the head, which explains the alternative name ringed snake. The colour may also range from grey to black, with darker colours being more prevalent in colder regions, presumably owing to the thermal benefits of being dark in colour. The underside is whitish with irregular blocks of black, which are useful in recognizing individuals. In Great Britain the grass snake is the largest reptile, reaching up to 190 centimetres (6 ft 3 in) total length, though such large specimens are rare. Females are considerably larger than males, typically reaching a size of 90--110 centimetres (2 ft 11 in--3 ft 7 in) when fully grown. Males are approximately 20 centimetres (8 in) shorter and significantly smaller in girth. Weight is about 240 grams (8 oz). Since the colour of its collar is often pale yellow to white in the Balkans region, the name for this snake in Serbian/Croatian language is belouška/bjelouška, which means "white-eared snake". (Wikipedia) Die Ringelnatter (Natrix natrix) ist eine zur Familie der Nattern (Colubridae) gehörende Schlangenart. Sie ist mit mehreren Unterarten in großen Teilen Europas und Asiens ...

Publicerad av reptinet 2011-06-09 23:20:25