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Ranitomeya Sirensis orange panguana (Skåne län)

Ranitomeya Sirensis orange panguana for sale. 

I have ended up with too many of these beautiful frogs. So i am selling a few from the group i have. 

400kr stk or 3 for 900 kr. 

It should be possible to find both a male and a female but i cant promise anything 100%. 

They are in Malmö where they need to be picked up. 

Trade with exoterra cages or other dartfrogs have interest too. 

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Inlägget är publicerat av Simon Sode (Vintagereptiles) 2014-12-26 13:46:29





Hi do you have any frogs for sale
Publicerad av Magnus (Grenis) 2015-09-30


Hello! Do you have any Ranitomeya Sirensis orange panguana for sale left? Mvh micke
Publicerad av Mikael (MickeDFS) 2015-03-15